A stunning natural feature on the stunning coastline.

If you are looking for an amazing view and you would like to take any memorable photos! This is the right place.

I decided to visit Boca do Inferno (Hell’s mouth)it in February, the weather was amazing, but once we got there it was very windy and cold.

Si estás buscando un lugar con vistas increíbles para tomar fotos de 10, este es el lugar perfecto.

Después de algún tiempo planeando este día, finalmente visité Boca do Inferno en febrero 2017, en clima en la ciudad estaba muy bien, pero ya que llegamos, estaba soleado pero había muchísimo viento y hacía frío.


Boca do Inferno is located very close to Cascais, on the coast of Estoril, it’s a must see spot in this area, before going to Cabo da Roca.

This great combination of natural beauty and a scrambled sea, in addition to having an incomparable view, has attracted hundreds of national and international folks. The waves are enormous and have an impressive force, which over time have been wearing down to the rocks to form cavities and grottoes inside the limestones.

Boca do Inferno se encuentra muy cerca de Cascais, en la costa de Estoril, es una parada obligatoria en esa área, antes de ir a Cabo da Roca.

La gran combinación de belleza natural y un mar revuelto, aparte de tener unas vistas incomparables, han atraído a muchísimos turistas nacionales e internacionales. Las olas son enormes y tienen una fuerza impresionante, por lo que con el tiempo han ido desgastando las rocas hasta formar cavidades y grutas adentro de las calizas.


Portuguese crafts can not be missed, and something that I love about Portugal is the creativity they have to do so many things in cork, definitely the best souvenir you can get. From keyrings to cork clothing.

No te puedes perder las artesanias Portuguesas, algo que me encanta de los artesanos portugueses, es la queatividad que tienen para hacer tantas cosas de corcho, definitivamente el mejor recuerdo que te puedes llevar. Desde llaveros hasta ropa de corcho.

You will also find shops with typical Portuguese sweets and of course many cafes and two restaurants. It is worth mentioning that the coffees shops that are there do not allow entrance to the bathroom although you consume, and the restaurants will only let you in if you stay to eat. You will have the option to pay  € 0.20 and go to a public bath, but my best recommendation is to go to the bathroom before arriving at Boca do Inferno.

También encontraras muchas tiendas con dulces y comida típica. Vale la pena mencionar que todos los cafés no te permiten la entrada al baño aunque consumas, sólo los restaurantes te permitirán la entrada, en caso de que te quedes a comer. Tienes la opción de pagar 0.20c para entrar a un baño público, pero mi mejor recomendación es ir al baño antes de llegar a Boca do Inferno. 😉

The streets are also more beautiful, with rustic and very big houses wherever you go.

Las calles también son muy lindas, con casas rústicas y enormes a donde sea que veas.


How to get there?

From Lisbon you can take the train up from Cais do Sodré metro station.

The price is € 4.40 round trip. For more information check  Train Schedules / Horarios del tren

Once in Cascais, you can go by car, bus (number 427) or walk about 17 minutes.

Another quite different option that allows you to explore, even more, is to rent a “Bica” Bikes that the government rents at an accessible price, you can find them near the McDonald just opposite the Cascais train station. Try to get there as early as possible to reach a bicycle, there are about 20 bikes per local, the whole area of Cascais is adapted with a cycle path that runs along the coast, so it is very safe and you will always have a spectacular view !!

What do I need to rent a bike?

  • An official identification (Passport, DNI, or driver’s license)
  • Being older than 16 years (in case of minor, an adult may sign responsibility for the child)


From 8am to 7pm.


30 minutes: € 1
1 hour: € 1.99
1 day: € 3.90


Wear comfortable and proper shoes in order to walk on the sharp rocky areas, and always have a jacket, because even in summer it gets very windy.


Definitely a perfect place for photography and nature lovers!

Do not hesitate to visit this beautiful place if you pass through Lisbon!



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