10 Reasons to TRAVEL ALONE at least once in your LIFE!

1. Visit everywhere you want in your own time, without having to depend on the others. (Mahahual, Mexico)


2. You will learn to know yourself better, realizing that you are capable of making your own decisions and solving things in the best way possible. (Vancouver, Canada)


3. You will not have to give explanations to anyone, you are absolutely free to live and travel without an established plan.


4. Learn to enjoy yourself, you will have plenty of time to reflect on many things and learn to leave the past behind. (Niagara-on-the-lake, Ontario, Canada)


5.- You will have complete financial control, so make sure it’s worth it. (Lemone, Italy)

(In my case I got broke in my trip to Italy since I spent so much money on IceCream!) #NoRegrets


6. You will develop photography skills. (Banff,Canada)


7. You will learn to travel with the essentials. You do not want to be carrying 40 unnecessary kilos. (Mahahual, Mexico)


8. You will learn to value life, you will become humble when you feel the smallest being of this planet being in an unknown place. (Verona, Italy)


9. If you leave your country, you will be forced to learn basic words in another language. If you stay in your country, you will also know other cultures and idioms that you did not know they existed. In my case, I speak Spanish, English, Portugues, I’m learning French and a little Chinise.


10. And finally and for me the most important, you will never feel, think and see the world in the same way. (Oeiras)


No matter where you travel, whether it is a national or international destination,  by bus, plane or boat. Learn to see the beauty of each place without comparing, no matter where you are. Give yourself the opportunity to travel alone, it will definitely change your life! In my experience it was 1 year and 6 months of adventure, I would never change those moments!

Let me know if you have ever traveled alone? how was your experience?


6 comentarios en “10 Reasons to TRAVEL ALONE at least once in your LIFE!

  1. jasonscott dijo:

    I love number 8 and 10. With traveling, I agree that you realize how small your own problems are in comparison to what’s going on in the rest of the world, and you can finally focus your attention not just on what seems to be happening to you but what’s going on around you. It’s a wonderful feeling to let wash over you when you’re alone in a foreign place. Great post and awesome photos!
    – Jason

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