Bruselas en 1 día!

This trip was so special in so many ways.  At first, when I was looking for flights, I found Lisbon-Brussels for just €8.  Initially, I thought this was a joke, until I booked the flight successfully.
A couple of months ago I started to follow Nath and Ine on Instagram.  Since then, we have become very good friends. They are both from Brussels, and we knew that we had to meet up!

When we arrived, Nath had prepared us a detailed day tour map, so we could enjoy the city to the fullest.  The first place she took us to was the famous Atomium.  I was so lucky to have the opportunity to photograph it during the day and at night!



The city is beautiful and you can totally enjoy a lot of it in a day if you like to walk!

Our tour started in Grande Place which is a square full of classic buildings including some gothic buildings.  It was very impressive to see so many details in the gothic buildings!  They are especially beautiful at night, because they all seem to be made of gold.



After that, we went to have a waffle in place that Nath has recommended to us!
They were delicious.

We walked until we arrived at Mont des Arts, which is an elevated vantage point, perfect to appreciate the city.  Then we went to the Atomium, which definitely gave us a great view of the city!


The architecture of the whole city is just wonderful; you will see many buildings just like this one below.



If you take a 5 minute walking from the Mont des Arts you can have a nice rest and enjoy nature in Brussels Park.


As you know Belgium is well known for many things – one of them is for having the best beer in the world!

Well, let me tell you, it totally deserves this title!



Are you e beer lover as I am? then this is the perfect place for you!!




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2 comentarios en “Bruselas en 1 día!

    • flamingoaround dijo:

      Thank you so much for your comment Chris, as you said, visit a city where a local is showing or maybe recommending places is like the best! I’ve never been in Antwerp but I’ve seen pictures and it looks so beautiful!

      Me gusta


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