The sweet girl behind “The Polished Passport”

I’ve been following Caitlin from @thepolishedpassport  since last April, and I can totally say she is a big example for the ones who just started blogging.

She has shown us that to follow your dreams there are no limits, at her young age, she is almost hitting the 10k on Instagram.

I’m sure you already know Caitlin, but for the ones who don’t or want to know more about her, here you are.



If I didn’t know you were a full-time student, I would say you are blogging full time because I can see how dedicated you are with your Instagram and your blog?

It’s definitely not the easiest task balancing being a full time student in a tough major like Biology while travel blogging, but somehow I’ve found way to balance the two for now. I tend to plan larger travels during longer break periods like summer, winter, and spring break. This past summer I spent a week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Throughout my trip I try to explore as many places as possible that way I have tons of different content I can share with all of my beautiful followers. When I don’t have the time or money to travel out of the country or to a new state, I’ll go on a road trip. Lucky for me I live in the beautiful state of Florida, so I can take weekend trips to places like Miami, the Keys, and St. Augustine.


IMG_1825 (1).JPG

In how many countries have you been?

Whenever I get this question I like to remind people that I just turned 20 years old a few months ago. I remind people of this because although I’ve only been to 6 countries I have so many more to experience and explore! I think this makes me unique to other bloggers out there because I truly am just starting my traveling journey and I get to experience all of these new things with each and every one of you by my side.

What is your dream travel destination?

This is such a tough question! I would have to go with Italy because not only is it a stunning place with so much history and culture, but I just can’t help but to think of all the good food there. I’ve always dreamed of seeing places like the Amalfi Coast, Trevi Fountain, and the Colosseum. You know all the typical touristy things everyone has to see when they first visit Italy.

Have you ever traveled solo?

I have never traveled solo before, I think my boyfriend would be a little offended if I left him back at home while I was having all of the fun! Traveling solo is definitely an experience I would love to take on one day, we’ll just have to wait and see when it will happen. I’ve been wanting to travel to California to meet other travel bloggers, so maybe that could count as my first solo travel experience.


When did you start blogging?

I officially launched my blog and Instagram about 6 months ago. During this short period of time I have been blown away by all of the love and support I receive daily! I am so excited for the future of The Polished Passport, I cannot wait to see where it will go.



For the people who still don’t know about your presets, could you please tell us more about it? 

Presets are what makes an ordinary photo turn into something unique and magical! When starting my blog I had no idea what presets were. I had just been using Instagram to edit my photos. I quickly realized that I needed to step up my insta game and jump on the Adobe Lightroom bandwagon. I literally had zero knowledge of anything on Lightroom and just spent a few days playing around with the settings until I figured out my own personal aesthetic. After sharing these new and improved photos I receives tons of questions about how to achieve this aesthetic. In response I decided to create presets that not only shared my personal style of editing, but could help my followers to find their own style. So far I’ve created two collections that were inspired by recent travels and I am now working on a Polished Basics Collection that will have presets meant for flat lays, beach days, fashion shoots etc.




entre1 2.jpg

What have you learned from all this blogging journey?

From starting with just 0 followers to not almost hitting 10k the biggest thing I have learned is that there are some really incredible people out there in the world. I have made so many unexpected friendships and relationships with people who share the same passion for travel as I do and they are all so inspiring! I’ve also learned that blogging looks a lot easier then it actually is. I have very little experience with computers, so that fact that I’ve learned to code here and there for my website still blows my mind!



What is something you would tell your followers?

Never quit chasing your dreams, and don’t compare your journey to someone else’s. Dreams don’t happen overnight it takes hard work, passion, and perseverance.




Where are you planning to go next?

My next trip is still being figured out at the moment, but there is a possibility that I will be visiting Puerto Rico and Boston within the next few months. Being a Florida girl I have never seen snow before, so I’m making it a priority to travel somewhere snowy this winter!




What are your favorites activities while your home?

Since I’m only about a 40-minute drive from some of the best beaches in Florida, I would say laying on the beach is my favorite activity. But I also loooveee going to Sprinkles to get a yummy cupcake or ice cream sandwich! But if I’m not studying and don’t feel like going anywhere I’ll probably just watch Netflix with my puppy.



What’s your favorite food?

Other than the typical sweets like chocolate, my favorite food that I could eat over and over again would be Caprese salad. It’s just so tasty and refreshing, to me nothing can beat that, Enjoying a genuine Caprese salad in a beautiful Italy is just another reason why Italy is at the top of my bucket list. Also having one of their world famous pizzas and gelato won’t hurt either!



Who is your biggest travel inspiration?

Aggie Lal, from Travel in Her Shoes is my BIGGEST inspiration! Her positivity, passion for storytelling, and lust for life and adventure is everything I aspire to be. Not only is her Instagram the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, but getting to know her personality through her YouTube videos has been such pleasure! She really is such an inspiring human being.

Swinging in the jungle 🌿TAG someone who needs to see this🌿 ::::: To answer your questions to my stories yesterday: I got my Master of Business Management at the University of Sydney a few years ago but I quickly quit the corporate world to sail across the Pacific. ::::: Why? Because I didn't want to have a million dollars in my bank account and spend 80% of my life in an office. :::: I didn't really care about the 0s on my paycheck. I 'just' wanted to live a millionaire lifestyle. I'm pretty sure swinging in a jungle on a Tuesday counts as that😉 but it doesn't have to mean traveling the world all the time. It means having time for yourself to grow & be 😉 ::::: Ps. The location of this swing coming in my travel guide on YT😉 ::::: Photo by @michaelmoretti ::::: #traveltuesday #motivation #balidaily #bali #swig #jungle #indonesia

A post shared by AGGIE LAL 💫 travel igtv (@travel_inhershoes) on


If you could choose between to go to Maldives enjoying those blue crystal water or exploring the mountains and the beautiful lakes in Banff, Canada, what would you choose?

I know I might sound crazy turning down the Maldives, but there’s just something so serene and pure about Banff. I was actually just looking at hotels in Banff the other day, so who knows maybe I’ll find my way over there soon!


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